How To Write A Winning Offer Letter

Filled with a diverse range of activities, Wilson, WY real estate is rich in history and is an idyllic rural retreat. This quaint town of about 1300 attracts homeowners seeking to put down their roots in a family-oriented and dynamic area. During the warm summer months, residents enjoy exercising along the many hiking and biking trails while taking in the beautiful local wildlife. As temperatures fall and holiday cheer rises in the winter, locals are fortunate to be near some of the best skiing in the country. Life in Wilson is community-oriented, active, and perfect for new homeowners.

Once you and your real estate agent have found a property you like among the houses for sale in Wilson, WY, there is an option to draft an offer letter — the imperative document which states your intent. It should detail your interest in the property, including your mortgage financing info (if not a cash purchase) and a chosen closing date. While there are a variety of ways to craft this document, there is a rubric to follow to maximize your chance of closing a deal. Let’s take a look.

Use paper and pen

With hundreds of emails flooding everyone’s inbox every day, another one will feel impersonal and be likely to be lost in the shuffle. A thoughtfully handwritten letter persuading the seller to take your offer will stand out and add a personal touch that’s been largely lost in this day and age. Using this format to appeal to a seller in Wilson, WY real estate market could give you the slight edge that makes the difference.

Avoid generic sentiments

This one might seem obvious, but some prospective homeowners often forget it. Take the time to research the seller and, if you can, get their first name. Tailor the content of the letter to appeal to this homeowner’s specific wants and needs. The more personal a letter feels, the more likely it’ll influence the homeowner’s decision to select your offer.

Describe why you’re interested in the home

Mentioning specific details
about why you love the house can go a long way. What about the home’s architecture and design appeals to you? Is the patio the perfect size for your outdoor barbecues? And what about the backyard — can you envision a quaint garden situated in it? You’re about to move your whole life into this home. How do you envision it?

Flattery can go a long way, but make sure it’s sincere. Including observations about how well maintained the house is, for example, can make you stand out amongst a sea of prospective buyers. Don’t be afraid to articulate how the home differs from the many other Wilson, WY homes for sale you’ve seen.

Make a connection to the seller

This can’t be repeated enough — the more personal, the better. Sellers wanted to be assured the people they are passing their homes to will be good stewards of the property. Detailing how the home fits your specific needs and desires and your future plans for it can go a long when submitting an offer for one of the Wilson, WY homes for sale. However, avoid discussing any major remodeling plans as sellers might not view this favorably. 

Find a connection between you and the seller. Did a photo of their kids playing badminton remind you of the net you had growing up, inspiring you to put one up once you move into the home? Does the cabinetry in the kitchen remind you of your childhood home? The Wilson, WY real estate landscape is peppered with unique homes for prospective owners — homes filled with quaint designs and fixtures to arouse memories from your past. Be sure to detail this personal experience of the home to the seller.  

Elaborate on your bid

Offer letters aren’t all about emotions — there are practicalities that need to be addressed as well. If your bid is lower than the asking price, take a moment to explain yourself. Simply including a line addressing why your lower bid is a great way to remain transparent. An ask to consider your number does not necessarily take away from what you’re offering, but it does give the seller a chance to consider your offer as a whole: the emotional connections you made and the fact you’ve spent time crafting your best offer. 

Describing you and your spouse’s professional careers when looking at one of the Wilson, WY homes for sale is also helpful. To close this section, make sure you describe any mortgage pre-approvals you have and if you’re flexible about the closing date. 

Close with a thank you

The conclusion of your offer letter is just as critical as the rest. This is your opportunity to make an impression which lingers in the mind of the seller. Thanking the seller for their time and consideration can go a long way, and be sure to reemphasize your love of their home.

What not to include

The Wilson, WY real estate market is filled with discerning sellers. Be sure to avoid these few missteps when writing an offer letter:

  • Don’t discuss what you want to change about the house. Focus on the positive.
  • Don’t provide too much financial information. The basics are fine.
  • Don’t get too personal. Sharing details about yourself that can identify you as a protected class could lead to legal implications in the future.

Offer letters can be a highly influential step in the process of closing a deal. Consider the sentiment of the seller as they put their home on the market. They’ll be recalling memories of birthdays, camping in the backyard, decorating the house for Christmas, and more. With this in mind, crafting an emotionally forward but balanced piece of writing will bring your offer letter to the next level and bring you one step closer to ownership. 

If you want to learn more about homes for sale near Wilson, WY, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Carol Linton, Associate Broker at Compass Jackson Hole. 




Carol Linton has been a Wyoming resident and property owner since 1980. Her passion for real estate, interior design, and architecture has contributed to her enormously successful career.

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